Regal Electrical Christchurch Electricians covering Christchurch Rolleston Seylwn Area
Regal Electrical Residential Electricians Christchurch Rolleston Selwyn District and all of Canterbury
Regal Electrical Residential Electricians Christchurch
Regal Electrical Residential Electricians Christchurch

Residential Electricians Christchurch. Residential Electricians Rolleston.

Electricians Christchurch city and  Rolleston area including the Selwyn District.

When you have a look at Regal Electrical’s Facebook page, you’ll see an unexpected humorous side to this company that is quite enlightening (if you’ll pardon the pun).

Sparky jokes are common, but Regal’s cover page says it all: ‘Have no fear … The Electrician Is Here’. This statement personifies what good service is all about for Regal. Their aim is to offer creative solutions, hard-working tradesmen and reassuring problem-solving to clients, every step of the way.

That’s the usual style of Regal’s owner, Jimmy, who likes a good joke and a good yarn when he’s not engaged in the fairly serious task of installing and repairing electrical facilities. Given the safety aspect of electrical toil, it makes good business sense for Regal to have an exacting commitment to Work Safe protocol, according to the Health and Safety at Work Act, 2016.

Jimmy and his team won’t turn up their noses at any type of job, big or small. In fact, these guys are passionate about all things electrical. They will consider your problem carefully, then take it on board – and out of your stress zone – before you can say “Jack Robinson”.

Regal Electrical not only fix and install general electrics, they also provide specialist services in Fujitsu heat pumps and SmartVent ventilation – two areas that Jimmy can discuss till the cows come home, he is that convinced of the high-value benefits these products offer.

From domestic to commercial, retail to restaurants, cafes to corporate, Regal can create solutions for all your electrical requirements.

Just talk to Jimmy and the team at Regal Electrical. They’ll see you right.

A plug for electrical excellence


Phone:03 377 9986

Mobile:027 357 8724

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Electricians in Christchurch. Electricians in Rolleston.

Regal Electrical for all residential, domestic electrical services Christchurch, Rolleston and Canterbury region.

Your home is your comfort zone and when you walk in the door from a busy day out, it’s nice to feel welcomed. That sensation might come from ambient lighting, music, warmth or even just the smell of home cooking.

Consider what makes these things possible. Most would say the answer is electricity. Without electrical connections in good working order, your home is not the haven it should be.

Appliances on the blink, spluttering lights in the kitchen or dripping walls in the bathroom – all can be sorted by Jimmy from Regal Electrical. He’ll rekindle the enjoyment of coming home that you deserve.

From lighting and wiring to wireless and WiFi, to switches and sockets, the team at Regal Electrical are your best choice. We supply, install, repair and service:

  • Fujitsu heat pumps
  • Home/ bathroom heating
  • HeatTrans systems
  • SmartVent home ventilation
  • Bathroom/toilet extractors
  • LED lighting
  • Electrical switches and sockets
  • Kitchen range hoods (remote mounting)
  • Wiring/re-wiring for renovations, new builds and existing homes
  • Fuse board and meter box upgrade and relocation
  • Indoor, outdoor and garden lighting
  • Outdoor water features
  • Landscaping features
  • Home entertainment: Wireless TV (wall mounts where needed), home surround sound systems, hard wire; TV/AV remote extender, Sky TV, DVD players and stereo systems.

Regal are the real deal


Phone:03 377 9986

Mobile:027 357 8724

Regal Electrical, Residential Lighting Electricians Christchurch
Residential Electricians Christchurch Canterbury
Regal Electrical Commercial Electricians Canterbury
Commercial Electricians Christchurch Canterbury
Regal Electrical, Commercial Electricians Christchurch Rolleston Selwyn District.

For commercial and residential electrical services Christchurch, Rolleston and the Selwyn District.

Jimmy’s business, Regal Electrical, is growing fast. The reason for this is that Jimmy understands what it means to be reliant on staff, tools, equipment and customers to (let’s be honest here) make money.

When an electrical fault causes one of these facets to grind your business to a halt, it’s time to call Jimmy. His team have the experience and the business nous required to really ‘get’ the importance of your industry and how vital it is to keep that money-making machine functioning at full speed.

We’ve already talked about turning your home into a warm, dry and welcoming zone … well, we can do that for your business too. Why not make your office or shop an environment that people want to visit? Ask us about entertainment; heat transfer, heat pump and ventilation services for your workplace.

Corporate, rental, retail, hospitality and office; our qualified electricians are at your side for:

  • Fujitsu heat pumps
  • HeatTrans systems
  • SmartVent ventilation
  • Security systems
  • Electrical safety certificates and testing
  • Shopfitting electrical fit-outs and maintenance
  • Electrical wiring fit-outs for new office build
  • Commercial lighting design, repairs and maintenance
  • Security, emergency and exit lighting
  • Equipment testing and tagging for safety compliance
  • CCTV, data and computer networking
  • Electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Commercial electrical fit-outs and property maintenance
  • Entertainment: Wireless TV (wall mounts where needed), surround sound systems, hard wire; TV/AV remote extender, Sky TV, DVD players & stereo systems.

We’ll always look on the bright side of business


Phone:03 377 9986

Mobile:027 357 8724

Regal Electrical Heat Pumps Christchurch
Regal Electrical Heat Pump Installation Christchurch
Regal Electrical Electricians Home Heating Regal Electrical Christchurch Electricians
Regal Electrical Home Heating Systems Christchurch Rolleston Selwyn District.
Regal Electrical Home Ventilation Christchurch Rolleston Selwyn District.

Fujitsu Heat Pump supply and installation Christchurch, and Rolleston area.

The Queen Bee of heat pumps.

The name of our business might be Regal, and we do think our products and services are fit for the Queen (she probably uses Fujitsu too). However, we are far from hoity-toity in our approach to your heating and cooling requirements.

Rather, Jimmy’s knowledge and state-of-the-art products allow us to provide practical, down to earth and appropriate systems for all your needs.

Fujitsu is our heat pump of choice. This iconic brand undergoes continuous R & D, resulting in a refined product of excellent quality to suit your purpose.

Being awarded NZ’s trusted and iconic heat pump ‘Superbrand’ three years in a row (source: A.C Nielsen, 2015) is just another reason we love Fujitsu.

A Fujitsu heat pump works by drawing warm air from outside into your home or office. At a flick of the switch (or by using your smart device), it will also work as an air conditioner in summer, keeping you cool while reducing humidity.

Regal Electrical will tell you all about fabulous Fujitsu, a system which provides these features:

  • Warm or cool air
  • Compact, quiet and efficient
  • Size and style to suit your unique space, budget and specifications
  • A written guarantee
  • Plus, Fujitsu’s 6-year accredited consultant warranty.

No illusions of grandeur here, just products that really work


Phone:03 377 9986

Mobile:027 357 8724

SmartVent Home Ventilation installs Christchurch Rolleston Selwyn District.
Regal Electrical Christchurch Smartvent Electricians
SmartVent Home Ventilation Installers Christchurch Rolleston Selwyn District.

SmartVent Home Ventilation systems Christchurch, Rolleston and Selwyn District.

No more crying windows.

Did you know that families produce up to a whopping 70 litres of harmful moisture in their homes per week? And we spend 60% of our time in what should be a healthy, warm, comfortable environment!

It’s a disturbing fact that makes us understand why furnishings and fittings deteriorate and mould spores multiply.

The team at Regal Electrical think it makes sense for you to utilise the smart technology that SmartVent offers to solve these problems. We can help you create an atmosphere which minimises damp conditions, in turn reducing the risk of respiratory illness – as well as protecting your valuable structure.

The way a SmartVent system works is by drawing filtered clean, dry, virus and contaminate-free air into your home or office space and distributing it throughout using acoustic insulated ducting.

Moist, stale air is forced out and you have a dry, clean environment that inhibits mould growth and condensation. Heating bills also reduce, as a dry home is quicker to warm – it’s a win/win all round.

Call Jimmy from Regal Electrical to talk about how SmartVent works on:

  • Air-borne toxins
  • Damp
  • Condensation
  • Pollutants such as dust and dust mites
  • Pet hair
  • Pollen
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Household cleaners
  • Whisper quiet technology.

Just one day with SmartVent and you’ll experience fresh dry healthy air


Phone:03 377 9986

Mobile:027 357 8724


Please contact us using the details below or use the contact form – we look forward to hearing from you.

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